╰☆☆ 𝕃𝕦𝕜𝕆𝕧𝕣𝕌𝕣𝕊𝕙𝕝𝕕𝕣 ☆☆╮

Once upon a time, on AOL, there lived a little website that was created using Easy Designer. This little website was the webchild of "Silent Eyez".

Heh heh, hope you did not mind that little intro. This little space was created in memory of my old website, LukOvrUrShldr. The name was my way of shortening the title of a favorite song of mine, Look Over Your Shoulder by The Escorts. Back in the early 2OOOs, I was introduced to the world of graphics and websites. Many of the ones I have visited here, are spot on, onto how things were then: a bunch of collected graphics scattered all over pages (graphic intense loading) and a lot of randomness. I went all around the WWW (world wide web) in search of things and collected anything that tickled my fancy. Then, I discovered doll websites and their dollmakers! That just changed my Life completely. From then on, my love for graphics (animated glitters, mostly) and dolls grew so much more.

As time went on, I learned a bit more HTML and found Freewebs.com. I changed my website's name and added a lot more content to it (by then, I had purchased PS Elements 2.0 & PSP 8). I met a lot of people with the same love for graphics and dolls - to this day, I am still friends with many of them ❥

Here, at LukOvrUrShldr, you will find animated graphics, backgrounds, blinkies and icons. All of which are things I have collected in the early 2000s from websites I have visited, were shared with me, and/or found through Photobucket. Since, there is not a lot of content for certain categories to have their own pages, I have placed animated graphics, blinkies and icons into the same page, for each category. It looks sloppy but it will do (for now). If you see similar graphics to other websites here, on Neocities, it is purely coincidental.

You will, also, find things I have made many years ago. Old content I use to offer back then, as well as, things I no longer offer at my other website(s).

Officially opened on March 25th, 2O2O at 7:30 PM local time.