Terms of Use

📌Notice: In no way, do I mean to claim the collected content, as my own. If you see something that is truthfully yours and wish to have it removed from this website, let me know. Proof will be needed, as well. I will not look for new collected content to add to the website. Please read the information below, to better understand how and what things can be used.
Thank you.

🚫 My personal and website graphics may not be adopted or stolen.
Such as, my layout images, link button, website header/logo, personal signatures & graphics.

❗❗ Nothing on this website is to be direct linked, unless otherwise stated. You must save file(s) to your own computer.
I will remove the file(s) and reupload it to have a new URL.

❌ Content created by me is not meant to be sold, redistributed, or altered in any way, shape or form (unless otherwise stated).
No uploading to graphic websites or added to collections to be shared or sold.

💩 If you've used or snagged anything created by me (linkware), you must credit me on your website.
Add my Link to a Credits page or on the same page the item is on (depending on how you are using the content).

👌 If you've used or snagged any of the collected content (freeware), there is no need to credit me but appreciated if you decide to.
However, on your website, you must let your visitors know you did not create or have ownership of the content.

📢 This website is rated PG 13, due to some graphics not being too kid friendly. Proceed with caution or ask a parent for permission, in any case.
You will not find "adult" content here.

💯 I have the right to change my terms at any time without notice. If you do not agree to this, please exit my website.