Here, you will find items I've gathered throughout the early 2000s. Stuff like animated graphics, backgrounds, blinkies and icons. Some categories have more items than others. As well as, things made by me. So, if you are looking for animated graphics and whatnot, you've come to the right place! Welcome and enjoy your visit ♥

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September 16th, 2O21

Found more OLD glitters stashed away! New page added to Glitters >> CATW. I also updated the image links for the Halloween & Xmas glitters.

September 4th, 2O21

Added a bunch of my old content and found more collected goods. ⁎New⁎ pages have also been added!

Under K Made:
AIM Icons

Updated a lot of the BGs & Graphics pages! Can't believe I still had some files stashed.

September 3rd, 2O21

Going through my old PB account and removing files from there. Uploaded a few more Buttons under K Made ;)

May 17th, 2O2O

Woot, received an award for joining Nightmare Fantasmic's SOTM contest!

April 18th, 2O2O

Go join Nightmare Fantasmic's SOTM contest!

April 9th, 2O2O

New Blinkies added under K Made.

April 8th, 2O2O

Added more Glitters in K Made (opens in sub-menu).

April 4th, 2O2O

Added more Backgrounds under K Made. They were offered at my other website but I decided to add them here instead.

April 3rd, 2O2O

My previous eggs died (;_;) Will you help these new ones hatch, please?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
click on each egg

March 31st, 2O2O

Added new stuff to: Blinkies & a new page: Glitters (under K Made). For now, it is just "Website" glitters but I do plan on making other text glitters, too.

March 30th, 2O2O

☆LOUS☆ has its first affie: Nightmare Fantasmic!

New pages: Blinkies (under K Made) & Dividers!

I have also added more graphics to many of the pages and a Button Wall (which I added a few days ago).

March 25th, 2O2O

Website is officially open!